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Welcome to the Hormone Center of New York

Welcome to the Hormone Center of New York
, designed to provide clear, practical information about women’s common hormone problems including PMS, menopause, alopecia (hair loss), increased facial and body hair, persistent acne, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), breast pain and many others.

 Hormones are of vital importance to women’s well being. They affect appearance, feelings and long term health. If you think you may have a hormonal problem, are close to someone who does, or simply are curious, you will find extensive information here.

 The atmosphere here is different from most medical sites: it is meant to be informal and comfortable – but scientifically accurate. Hormones affect people in intimate ways and so need to be discussed respectfully. Sadly, hormones are too often made to seem mysterious, and scientific information about them is treated almost as if it has to be kept secret. These “secrets” are revealed here.

 This site has a positive mission: to show that hormone problems are not imaginary, that they can be understood scientifically, and that they can nearly always be successfully treated.

 This site is constantly updated and so is worth checking often. Or, if you do not find your question answered, submit it as a Question of the Month

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What are hormones?

How do I know if I have a hormone problem?

Information on specific hormone problems

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The Good News About Women’s Hormones
by Geoffrey Redmond, MD

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What is the Hormone Center of New York

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