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If you are not yet a patient of Dr. Redmond and would like further information or to schedule an appointment, please call our practice manager, Michelle at 212 338-0002. She will be happy to explain our procedures and facilitate arrangements.

If you are already a patient and want to make a follow-up appointment, get a prescription refill, or speak to Dr. Redmond, please call 212.338.0002
or send an email (For Existing patients only) . . . to hormonesNY@aol.com

For anyone else, please contact Dr. Redmond at hvwresource@aol.com

For general questions about hormone and related problems, please visit Question of the Month. If you have a problem that is not addressed, please submit your question to Dr. Redmond.

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You can get information or make an appointment by calling 212 338-0002.

The Hormone Center of New York is a medical facility dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of women with hormone problems. These include all the conditions discussed in The Hormonally Vulnerable Woman and on this website, as well as some less common ones.

The Hormone Center provides a relaxed and private setting for consultation regarding these conditions. We offer individual attention, rather the rushed, assembly-line approach that has become common. A lab is located in the building and radiology facilities are nearby. For those who come from a distance, tests can be arranged closer to home.

Most of our patients are adult women with the kinds of hormone problems discussed in Doctor Redmondís books for lay people, The Hormonally Vulnerable Woman and The Good News About Womenís Hormones. These include PMS and other menstrual cycle problems, acne, hair loss (alopecia), increased facial and body hair, mood swings, fatigue, loss of sexual interest, menopause related difficulties and thyroid conditions. A detailed list of hormonal symptoms is available on this website [insert link] and on pages 8 to 9 of The Hormonally Vulnerable Woman.

We also see children and adolescents with hormone problems and males with conditions related to reproductive system hormones. If you have questions as to whether consultation is likely to be helpful for the problems you are experiencing, please call us at 212 338-0002 or email us at hormonesNY@aol.com.

Many of our patients have seen several doctors previously. Referral from another physician is welcome but not necessary.

The Hormone Center of New York is located at 210 E. 86TH Street Suite #603, New York, NY 10028. It is convenient to major museums, shopping areas, and restaurants. Any taxi driver will be able to find the address without difficulty.

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ppointments are available between 9am and 6pm Tuesday through Saturday, though the exact schedule may vary from week to week. Evening appointments can be scheduled by special arrangement. We do our best to accommodate the travel schedules of those coming from a distance.

If you are not yet a patient of Dr. Redmond and would like further information or to schedule an appointment, please call our practice manager, Michelle at 212 338-0002. She will be happy to explain our procedures and facilitate arrangements.

If you are already a patient and want to make a follow-up appointment, get a prescription refill, or speak to Dr. Redmond, please call 212.338.0002.

E-mail: HVWresource@aol.com

We only provide consultation in person. Although we do provide telephone contact for patients who have been seen in our office, we are not able to perform telephone consultations for patients we have not seen. Unfortunately, we cannot make exceptions because it is not possible to be certain of all relevant factors without an actual visit.

Our consultations are comprehensive and last an hour or longer. The visit includes discussion of your current problems,  a detailed review of your medical history, a physical examination, a clear explanation of the causes of your problem or problems, discussion of various treatment options and initiation of appropriate treatment. Ample time is provided for answering your questions.

It is best if your records, especially reports of any tests you have had in recent years, are available at the time of the first visit.

Unfortunately, it frequently happens that records are not sent in a timely fashion by doctorís offices or hospitals. For this reason, it is recommended that you obtain copies yourself and bring a set or your records and lab reports with you to the visit. These will be kept as part of your permanent record so we recommend that you retain an additional copy for yourself.

If you are not able to get your records in time, it is still best to come as scheduled and have the records sent later.

With only rare exceptions, everything is covered in the single visit. Should you need additional lab tests, you will be given a lab requisition form at time the visit. You will not need to stay in New York to have tests done. Once tests are complete, results will be reviewed with you by phone. You will not need to return simply to go over test results.

If you are coming from a distance, follow-up visits are not expected, though they may be desirable if you live in or close to New York City. We see patients from all over the US and some from abroad so we make provisions for those who can only come once.

Many female hormonal conditions are complex and require a detailed history and complete physical examination in order to determine the underlying cause and plan treatment. Generally the consultation lasts an hour or longer so that all concerns are fully covered. It is not possible to provide this level of service under the constraints now imposed by managed care. For this reason we do not participate in any insurance plans. However at the end of each visit you will be provided with a "superbill" which gives the coding and other information required by most insurance companies to process a claim. Some plans will provide substantial reimbursement but this depends on your specific contract. If you have questions regarding your coverage, the best source of information is the benefits department where you work or your insurance company. It is almost impossible for health care providers to know what will be covered by a specific contract.

A charge will apply for the initial comprehensive consultation.

Payment at the completion of the visit can be made by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard or Discover.

Lab tests are usually covered by insurance though in some cases, you may have to have the lab order approved by your primary physician.

If you need more detailed information about services provided, costs and visit details, please email HVWresource@aol.com or call our practice manager, Michelle at 212 338-0002.

Referral requests
I often receive emails asking for referrals to doctors in various parts of the country. Although I sympathize with the need to find someone locally, I regret that I am not able to provide this service. Even when I know doctors in an area, I usually have no means to determine how they approach specific hormonal conditions.

The only way I can suggest to try to find a hormone specialist locally is to ask other doctors and friends. Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell how seriously your problem will be taken until the actual consultation. There are many excellent physicians in the U.S. but our health care system does not provide any certain way to find the right one for your needs.

Our office is located in a safe, central midtown location. Any taxi will be able to find the address without difficulty. If you are staying nearby, walking is a good alternative as there is always much to see in Manhattan. Just be sure to get clear directions. If you get lost, most New Yorkers will cheerfully provide directions.

The most convenient airport is LaGuardia. JFK is somewhat farther. Newark is less convenient for access to New York, but is an acceptable alternative.

Taxi from LaGuardia takes less than 40 minutes in normal traffic and costs about $30 including the bridge toll and tip. From JFK it is a flat rate of $45 plus about $ 10 more for toll and tip. Time into Manhattan is about an hour, assuming no traffic jams.

Be sure to take only a yellow official New York City taxi from the dispatcher outside the terminal. Do not accept a ride from anyone who approaches you offering a car service.

Amtrak has good service between Boston, New York, Washington and intermediate points.

Because delays are common, we suggest you pick a flight or train that arrives at least 2 hours before your appointment time and do not book a return earlier than 4 hours after the start of your appointment.

If you are not used to big city traffic, it is best not to drive in New York. If you are coming from New Jersey and are not comfortable with Manhattan traffic, you may find it less stressful to find a parking lot near where you exit the Lincoln Tunnel and then take a taxi the rest of the way.

Hotels in New York tend to be overpriced. Some budget priced choices that are clean and comfortable, if not luxurious, include the Comfort Inn - Midtown, Comfort Inn - New York, and the Red Roof Inn on West 32nd Street. It is often cheaper to book online through a website such as www.travelocity.com. More expensive hotels nearer the office include the Grand Hyatt and Waldorf-Astoria. From all these hotels, it is best to take a taxi to the office and allow at least 45 minutes in case of traffic.


If you need additional advice on what will be involved in your consultation or on travel to New York, please email to HVWresource@aol.com or call 212 338-0002.

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